5D mini cinema
  • Name: 5D mini cinema
  • Model: 5D cinema
  • Dimensions: L2450*W1950*H2150(mm)
  • Weight: 800KG        Power: 4500W
  • Introduce:

    5D mini cinema has 2 seats.Low investment, suitable for small site. Small size, no need to re-install, you can ship the box with all equipments fixed in it.Customer can choose movies by themselves through the button between chairs.Easy to operate,the customers insert coin,then choose movie.

5D mini cinema introduction:

1.5D mini cinema only need a small business area of about 6 square meters.

2.Mini 2 seats cinema is designed in one box package, ready well-decorated without further decoration.

3.It features the currency detector to validate the coin or money inserted to play.The owner does not need to hire a watch keeper.

4.Special effects include hall and chair effects. Hall effects include wind, rain, lightening and bubble. 

5.Two-seater luxury chairs with safety handle to give viewers noble entertainment.