Skyfun 1 seat 9D VR egg cinema
  • Name: Skyfun 1 seat 9D VR egg cinema
  • Model: SF-VR01
  • Dimensions: L100*W100*H185cm(Single)
  • Weight: 100KG        Power: 2000W
  • Introduce:

    1 seat 9D VR egg cinema is out of the high-tech in recent years,also know as reality technology or artificial environment.9D VR is the use of computer simulations to generate a three-dimensional virtual world,providing the user to simulate visual,auditory,tactile and other sensory,allowing users as immersive general,you can look at things in a timely manner without restriction within the three-dimensional.

1 seat 9D VR egg cinema advantages:

1.Simple to operation,no need to installation,when you get machines,you can run business immediately.

2.It breaks limited of space only require 4 ~ 8 square meters space,in that case you can run it in shopping mall, amusement park, airport, theater, scenic spots, theme park, around school, etc.

3.Professional after-sale service, lifetime maintenance.

4.It is a very new market,and very attractive not only outlook but also films which take viewers amazing experience,You can not lose in 9D VR business.