Skyfun Godzilla VR
  • Name: Skyfun Godzilla VR
  • Model: 9d vr
  • Dimensions: L1700*W1670*H2000mm
  • Weight: 250KG        Power: 3300W
  • Introduce:

    Godzilla VR experience is the best interpretation of panoramic, immersive and inter active experience. 9D VR will meet the aspirations of every person to experience the unknown field. 9D VR experience platform, perfectly gather original films, flexible movement, a variety of simulation effects and eye-catching appearance. 

Godzilla VR introduciton:

1.Using the first-line brand electric servo system.
2.2 seats dynamic platform , 2 game controls and 1 pc operation.


Godzilla VR advantages:
1. All iron and steel appearance, very strong!                            
2. Others 2 seats can not 360 rotate, this one could 360 rotate!!!
3. Touch screen control system, more easy to control!    
4. With 4k VR glasses, let you experience the movies more clear.
5. With 100 total movies for free, among 7 games for interactive
games, more attractive! also will update the movies following.

User Experience