Skyfun Kids VR Machine
  • Name: Skyfun Kids VR Machine
  • Model: SF-kids vr machine
  • Dimensions: L700*W800*H1300MM
  • Weight: 75KG        Power: 1000W
  • Introduce:

Product Description
VR BABY SIMULATOR are independent Research and Development for 3 - 10 years old children with a new concept of educating children. Players can be in the fantasy virtual game world and experience VR entertainment in the game by     the operation of hand-held VR glasses, also can get gifts. Entertainment, education, science as a whole.
Easy to play : By operating VR hand-held glasses, Control the Left and Right keys of the VR glasses to choose the game and start the game.

VR Hand-held Glasses
Each Machine is equipped with VR hand-held glasses for you to experience a 360 ° panoramic view. To create an immersive environment, The person who wearing VR hand-held glasses once turn the head and the scene will move accordingly ; 
Glasses Handle each have two button, The Front used to assist the experimenter to complete the main interface of the operation and puzzle game scenes in the interaction, such as the choice of games, into the game, switching games, shooting, archery, shooting and so on.


VR Games


How to play?
1. First take steady hand-held VR glasses ;
2. Enter the game selection interface;
3. Press the Front Left and Right button to Choose the Game; Press the Back Left and Right button to Confirm;
4. Game Start : Loading- - Put Coins and Start - -Game Selection –Playing Games - End of Game - Get Gift or Ticket 
( or Lost and no gift/Ticket) - -Out Gift or Lottery


Game mode
Tickets  out mode / gift out mode


Products advantage
The New Films Source: A steady stream of Independent Research and Development Source
New Service: Two models: Optional NO Charge or Deduction;
Two Models Of Optional GIFTS: 45mm Capsule or Tickets
New Experience: NO vertigo 360 ° panoramic immersive VR gaming experience
New Model: Anime cartoon original scene and characters
New Spread: Wisdom In Fun, Creative In Beauty.