What is the VR world in your eyes?

At present, VR technology is the popular content of science and technology research. Compared with the traditional way of entertainment, different forms of expression. For most people, they think VR is not linked to our lives.


In fact, VR has gradually appeared in our daily life. Except the Sony and Oculus such mainstream companies. The other Technology Companies in the world are devoted in VR filed.


In China, you can see Mi phone, Huawei and other companies with foreign technology companies to launch their own brand of VR glasses. For example, on the Youtube platform, there are a lot of videos about VR. Give the user is not simply watching the video, but immersed in the film, a more real experience. 


Now, some films on the market already have VR version and let the audience have a higher quality in the sense of experience. VR technology is not mature enough, but in the efforts of scientists, we will see a different world in the future.If you want to know more about Skyfun 9D VR and kids game machine,welcome to contact us.