Skyfun Kids VR Machine
Skyfun Gatling VR
  • Name: Skyfun Gatling VR
  • Dimensions: L220*W120*H230cm
  • Weight: 200KG Power: 1000W
  • Introduce:

    Attractive and cool shooting appearance design.Gatling shooting gun model with HTC VIVE glasses.Fiber glass with metal meterial.The latest operating system, the operating interface is easy to understand.

Skyfun VR Super Racing Simulator
  • Name: Skyfun VR Super Racing Simulator
  • Dimensions: L1830*W1585*H1770MM
  • Weight: 300KG Power: 4000W
  • Introduce:

    VR-racing simulator is the latest development of vr products by Skyfun, which consist by cool and fashion car appearance, 360 HD rotating helmet, dynamic motion platform by Skyfun and exclusive high-definition racing game. This is a new simulated equipment for car, which will let you immersive and can't stop.

Skyfun VR Bicycle
  • Name: Skyfun VR Bicycle
  • Dimensions: L1700*W650*H1050mm
  • Weight: Power: 1000W
  • Introduce:

    VR Bicycle is the most environmentally friendly means of transport and travel tools of modern invention, as well as a competitive sport, but also has a long history, at present more and more people will combine the bicycle and fitness, sports and so on. Now we will bring this high-tech traditional athletic events, allowing you to experience the non-general feeling of motion in the riding process.

Skyfun VR Walker
  • Name: Skyfun VR Walker
  • Dimensions: L2.2*W1.3*H2.5M
  • Weight: Power: 1000W
  • Introduce:

    VR walker is a locomotion simulator for virtual reality games.It uses a platform to simulate the motion of walking, requiring special shoes that reduce friction. It works in conjunction with the Oculus Rift or any other head mounted display and allows games to walk or run within the game they are playing.

Skyfun Godzilla VR
  • Name: Skyfun Godzilla VR
  • Dimensions: L1700*W1670*H2000mm
  • Weight: 250KG Power: 3300W
  • Introduce:

    Godzilla VR experience is the best interpretation of panoramic, immersive and inter active experience. 9D VR will meet the aspirations of every person to experience the unknown field. 9D VR experience platform, perfectly gather original films, flexible movement, a variety of simulation effects and eye-catching appearance. 

Baby Car kids game machine
  • Name: Baby Car kids game machine
  • Dimensions: L1230*W1140*H1770(mm)
  • Weight: 60KG Power: 100W
  • Introduce:

    Baby Car kids game machine have lovely appearance and fun games.Single or online mode freely choose.Two main characters,cute cow and cute deer.Four scene,four playing method.Double online,parent-child interaction.Picture synchronize,interesting props.

The Ball Ball Adventures kids game machine
  • Name: The Ball Ball Adventures kids game machine
  • Dimensions: L2100*W1100*H2650(mm)
  • Weight: 300KG Power: 450W
  • Introduce:

    The Ball Ball Adventures kids game machine is the new children's self-developed shoot the ball game,cartoon picture,dazzling scene,all ages,ideal for double co interactive fun.Toy and retreat lottery,play games as well as lucky draw gifts to send children to increase the sense of accomplishment.HD 3D screen combination consistent with the appearance of the game content to make the game experience feeling stronger.

Animal E Family kiddie ride
  • Name: Animal E Family kiddie ride
  • Dimensions: L1500*W1060*H1450(mm)
  • Weight: 80KG Power: 300W
  • Introduce:

    Animal E Family kiddie ride also called swing machine,swing car,children's coin shaking machine and cradle of car etc.It's a kind of amusement equipment.Rocking car as the name suggests,it will shake.The traditional shaking machine dose not having full entertainment.This swing machine is front with a painted screen or LCD animation,dynamic animation,also equipped with MP3.In swing while music,let children have both visual and auditory enjoyment.

Darts game machine
  • Name: Darts game machine
  • Dimensions: L740*W640*H2500(mm)
  • Weight: 160KG Power: 200W
  • Introduce:

    Darts game machine use safely soft darts.Players can choose more small games,more bonus.LCD TV is installed on the top, you can experience new way of playing darts.

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