Skyfun Service


1.Site design drawing, which means match the site with different colors, decoration style, light.

2. Site plan view, allocate the district with the utility area to make sure adequate space and achieve the aesthetic result.

3. Machine arrangement plan, which means let the products bring more interest to players and more profit as well as play time intend to attract more customers.

4. Site profit planning programs; tailor the very combos for customers according to his territory, the flow of people, consumption habit, consumption level, consumers. And set up the special machine with playing time and profit ratio to make the investors make prompt profit with the shortest time.

5. Site running programs, advice in necessary staffs, appliances purchase according to the real condition of site, which will be helpful on save cost of labor.

6. Make the orders with the total amount of the bill and square of site, introduce the hot selling profitable machine, professional in recommend the newest machine to achieve the biggest optimization.

7. Make framework on profit cycle and earning pattern according to customers capital cost which include in field decoration cost and others.

8. Make different earning pattern for different products which including the setting of coin inserting frequency, playing time and profit ratio; Set out different earning pattern in different period, such as local traditional holidays, special festivals and so on.

9. Make proposal on gift giving and shopping points by promotional activities.

10. Offer one to one service on providing permanent profit programme by 3 to 6 months as a cycle, timely in re-adjust to ensure profit in the shortest time while in non-profit condition.

11. Provide customers with required staff numbers, team management and service, including permanent technical support and training.

12. Assist in sourcing the quality suppliers who can offer the whole sets of equipment in China.



1.Free of charge on repair the spoiled accessories even been damaged in other factories.

2.Free of charge on the service of container loading of other goods purchased from China.

3.Free of charge on offer professional English disassemble drawing, assembling drawing, wiring diagram, fault solution of all the products, solve all the technology problems for our customers.

4.Free of charge on the service of hotel reservation, car pick up, English translation and market status analysis.